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Cheerleading Tryouts


Cheerleading tryouts are probably one of the most stressful things that a cheerleader has to endure. You’re given little time to prepare, one tryout to get it right, and it’s hard to figure out what the judges are more picky about. Some judges may put more emphasis on cheerleading cheers and others may be more concerned with stunting techniques. But by using some common-sense tips, you can be more prepared to nail your cheerleading tryouts.

Getting in shape is one way you can be ready for cheerleading tryouts. This is something you can do months in advance, and it will help you to get through your tryout routine without struggling physically, which will also give you more confidence. You’ll also look more competent in the eyes of the judges.


The night before your cheerleading tryouts be sure to get plenty of rest. Try to eat healthy the day of tryouts, just don't overdo it. Bring some extra hair bands, just in case yours breaks. It wouldn't hurt to bring water and a snack or two to the tryout, because you could be there quite a while. You might even want to bring a few extras...some of your prospective teammates may want them -- and it could help you 'break the ice' and make new friends.

If you've got a friend at the cheerleading tryout, he or she will be a great help. Not only will you both benefit from the one-on-one critique, but having someone there will help to calm your nerves.

Fundraising Ideas For Cheerleading

Remember that the judges are looking at you through the whole process, not just your individual tryout. How they see you interact with your team members during cheerleading tryouts could have an impact on your evaluation. If they see that you seem to fit in okay with the group, that will make you look like a good choice for the team. If they see that you have a good attitude, they will see you as someone who they can work with and teach. If they see that you ask questions when necessary, they will know that you care about the routine and are serious about cheerleading. So bear in mind that, although your individual tryout is the most important thing, the way you conduct yourself during the whole process of cheerleading tryouts could have an impact, too.


During cheerleading tryouts, there will be lots of people the judges are looking at. But when you burst through that door for your individual tryout, it's all about you. Give them 100 percent enthusiasm the second you go through that door. Sound off like you were in a stadium full of people. Make, and keep, eye contact with the judges. Give them a great smile...not a fake one. You will have very little time to show them what you're all about -- make the most of it!

If you don't make the team this go-around, don't be hard on yourself...remember, you're in a room full of talent. Even though you may be a great cheerleader, the judges just have to do the job of picking who they believe is the greatest of the great. It doesn't mean you're not talented as a cheerleader. And remember, the judges are not perfect people, and nobody ever said that they will always make perfect choices. But also remember they are human -- and, like you, they're just trying to do their best. You have to be proud that you were able to compete with talented people, respect them for their talent -- and then go to work sharpening your skills for next year's tryouts!

If you do make the team, congratulations! Your hard work has paid off big! Take some time to celebrate, and then focus on your mission as a cheerleader. You've accomplished your goal of getting in the door -- so don't let up now! Show your coaches that you were a good choice for the team by continuing that same enthusiasm you showed during cheerleading tryouts. Remember, even though you made the team this year, in a sense you're already in cheerleading tryouts for next year, because your coach is still evaluating you every day!




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