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Other Cheerleading Resources

Top Cheers is a great place for learning new cheerleading cheers, but there are a number of other sites that are great resources for other things related to cheerleading. Here are a few good cheerleading websites that we recommend. Please remember that Top Cheers does not maintain these sites, and, as such, we cannot be responsible for their content. If you know of other good sites that should be added, just drop us a line at . Enjoy!


Ms. Pineapple's Cheer Page

cheerleading resources

Ms. Pineapple's has been a trusted source of cheerleading information for over a decade. Ms. Pineapple offers cheerleading cheers, as well as information on stunts, motions, tumbling and much more. Visit them at:



cheerleading resources

CheerTeamz offers a great place to connect with cheer teams and coaches from around the world. Please visit:


Custom Cheer Mix

cheerleading resources

Custom Cheer Mix is a Better Business Bureau-accredited, full-time cheerleading music, production, and editing studio. See what they can do for you! Please visit:


Campus Team Wear

Campus Team Wear

Campus Team Wear offers an extensive selection of cheerleading uniforms and cheer wear, including everything from shells, skirts and shoes to poms, accessories and bags – high quality at the lowest prices in the industry, guaranteed! Give them a try! Please visit:


Cheer Music Madness

Cheer Music Madness

Cheer Music Madness will satisfy all of your music needs. They create high energy custom mixes for teams of any age. Give them a visit at:


Pretty Girl Cosmetics

Pretty Girl Cosmetics

Pretty Girl Cosmetics offers high-quality performance cosmetics for cheerleading. They can even color-match your cosmetics to your uniform! Visit them at:




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If you know of other good cheerleading sites that should be added to this list, let us know at . Thank you!







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