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Football Cheers


Note: For practice, cheerleading cheers repeat automatically...

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Defense! Defense!

Push 'em back! Take 'em down!

De-fense (clap on "fense") Defense!

Push 'em back! Take 'em down!

De-fense (clap on "fense") Defense!

Push 'em back! Take 'em down!

Defense! (clap on "fense") Defense! 



First and Ten
(submitted by Geni M.)

First and ten

Do it again

Come on Cougars

Let's Win!



Get that Ball!

Defense (clap)

Be aggressive

Get that Ball! (clap)


Panthers! Let's Win!


Panthers! Let's win! (clap)

First and ten!

Do it again!

Panthers! (clap on "Pan" and after "thers") Let's win!


Fundraising Ideas For Cheerleading


Push 'Em Back
(Submitted by Elizabeth)

Push 'em back! (clap, clap)

Hit 'em hard! (clap, clap)

Make 'em fight for every single yard!




Sack that Quarterback!


Take 'em. (clap)

Take 'em down! (clap on 'down')

Sack that Quarterback!


Stand Up!
(submitted by Geni M.)

Stand up

And stop them


Let's block them!









Basketball Cheers


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