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Featured Squad:
Sayre Eagles

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Cheerleading Videos

Here are some of the best cheerleading videos we've found. If you know of others that should be added, just drop us a line at



Check out the University of Hawaii Cheer Team... they're wearing cameras to show you the stunts from a first-person view! :) 



A great video showing King and Katie doing some awesome stunts!

This team has got it together!


The University of Kansas Cheerleaders & Dancers

Fundraising Ideas For Cheerleading

The UWO Mustangs doin' their stuff.



Check out the Cheerleading Japan team! Pay attention to the smoothness and timing they put into their routine (after that first blunder).

Viewer Spotlight


Rebecca sent in this video of her squad at the Arizona State Competition.


Have a cheerleading video you'd like to see featured here?
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Cheerleading Scholarships


Why do we feature Cheerleading Videos?

The simple answer is just because cheerleading videos are fun to watch!

But there’s more – cheerleading videos are also a great way to get ideas for new moves, or for whole new routines. Whether you’re watching videos of teams from across the state, or around the world, you’ll likely pick up new ‘twists’ on old routines. These videos could give you reinforcement on moves or cheerleading cheers you haven't quite gotten right. And you may even discover new ideas you’ve never even thought of!

If you’re considering cheerleading, then watching these types of videos can give you more of an idea about what to expect from cheerleading. These videos can offer insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes' to make it all come together, showing training sessions and more. Even if you’re a cheerleading ‘veteran,’ watching videos of famous teams can inspire and motivate you to become a better cheerleader!

We hope you enjoy these cheerleading videos, and keep in mind that we’re always on the lookout for good if you can recommend a good video (or several), just let us know by e-mailing us at !





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